Annual Report FY16

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Annual Report FY16

The Williamsburg Campus Child Care Center (WCCC) has been a staple in the Williamsburg community since 1981. Since 1992 our location, at the Sarah Ives Gore Center on the campus of the College of William & Mary, has been devoted to the well-being and development of children. Our mission is to provide high-quality early childcare and education for infants, toddlers and preschool children both for the College of William & Mary and the greater Williamsburg community.

WCCC is committed to fostering an environment where a caring staff of well-trained early childhood educators promote parent engagement and educational opportunities for children that shape individual development and instill a lifetime love of learning. A supportive and nurturing environment, and low staff/ child ratios are hallmarks of the WCCC.

Each day we provide children with hands-on activities that expose them to new learning experiences to foster their emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth and development. Our collaboration with William & Mary allows us to involve undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers, providing them with opportunities to grow and gain experience in their eld of study. Their involvement provides enriched programs for our children, enhancing and strengthening our curriculum.

WCCC’s proximity to Colonial Williamsburg also allows us to expose our children to local events and programs, further enriching their WCCC experience.

We strongly emphasize family involvement with our programs and special events. Last year alone our families volunteered over 900 hours to the center. Our desire is to encourage parents to continually be involved with their children’s education.

All together, our highly-trained staff, intentional curriculum, family involvement, and community engagement provide WCCC children with a creative and diverse program for their early-educational needs.

This Year-End Report provides a sample of some of our activities, events, resources, training, and nances over the past year. Our programs are supported primarily by the tuition paid each month by our families. It is our goal to reduce this reliance on tuition and maintain WCCC as a high-quality, yet affordable option for our Williamsburg community. We feel strongly that no family should have to make a childcare decision based on affordability, but must also be realistic regarding the costs of running such a program. We believe in our program and its impact on the children in our program and hope that after reviewing our Year-End Report you will as well.


Janet Yang

WCCC Director

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Data is measured from July 2015 – June 2016.